Types of German style beer

Beer is part and parcel of culture in Germany. There are more than one thousand three hundred breweries in Germany, which is the most in a country worldwide. Germany style beer has to adhere to german purity law that dictates the ingredients to be utilized. The allowed ingredients are barley malt, hops, and water. Cultured yeast came into the equation after invention. Many breweries worldwide have chosen to include Reinheitsgebot in producing their beer. Due to this need, german beers are known because of their quality. A few of german style beer include Weizen, Rauchbier, Koelsch, and Altbier. Lagers include Dunkel, Pilsener, Bock, Helles, and Maerzen. The flavour, aromas, and colors of every type varies, but are drunk in bulk.

Altbier is drunk primarily in low Rhine locations of Germany. The name means old beer. Brewing of Koelsch takes place in cologne. Its color is yellow with hops flavour. The smoke beer, or Rauchbier has a smoky color and flavour. Weizen comes from malted wheat with a light color and mild flavour.

German style beer called Helles is brewed in south Germany, in Munich and surroundings of Bavaria. Hellbier is a light beer with light yellowish colors. Maerzen, on the other hand is brewed for Oktoberfest celebrations. It has a dark reddish brown color with malt flavour. Bock has a strong flavour and dark color and is brewed in winter. Pilsener is the commonest german style beer with a flavour that is hoppy and less malty than Helles.

There are a lot of firms in Germany producing more than five thousand beer brands. The largest firms in the north include Krombach, Warsteiner, Oettinger, Bitburger, St Pauli Girl, and Beck’s. The south has an extended concentration of breweries but the majority of them are small, locally operated and owned. The oldest brewery in the world is known as Benedictine Abbey Weihenstephan in the southern region of Germany.

Several years back, selecting german style beer was easy like choosing between light or dark and foreign beer. With the popularity and introduction of handcrafted and microbrew beer, more options are in the market and many people find it good to have knowledge of the styles and types of beer while service beer and food. For instance, a stout that does not match lightly flavoured fish may be good for beef. Having an overview of dissimilar styles and types of beer will help you go for the right beer for your food.


Ale is a german style beer with a full body and complex flavors. They have ferments of yeast on the top of mash temperatures and then aged for several weeks. Handcrafted ales get aged in oak barrels while others get aged in oak soaked in sherry, scotch, or bourbon that adds to the flavor’s complexity. The appearance of the ale is dark in color and ranges from mild to very bitter. The styles of ale include stout, pale ale, amber ale, brown ale, barley wine, wheat ale, porter, kolsch, and Belgian tripple. Ale goes well with dishes of pork and beef and spicy foods since it does not overpower the food’s flavour.


Lager German style beer is common on the minds of all Americans. It tends to have light colors with less sweet and crisp taste as compared to other ale styles. It is made with ferments of yeast on the bottom of the barrel with controlled temperatures. This allows for beer to become clear and mellow in appearance. The commonest styles of lager are Vienna, Oktoberfest, Pilsner, Helles, Bock, Dunkels, and American. It is best to pair lager with light entrees of pasta, poultry, and fish dishes.

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