How many times can you reuse your bags?

The plastic bag has been banned by several major supermarkets has left people wondering what to do.

Why plastic bags have triggered such a major reaction?

Plastic has caused a lot of pollution on earth. Plastic is causing damage to several aquatic animals in the sea. Plastic is non-biodegradable and hence cannot be decomposed. With the increasing need for eco-friendly products, it is demanded that people use reusable grocery bags. You can but reusable printed bags at wholesale prices.

How to compensate for plastic bags?

  • Use more eco-friendly bags like reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Custom Earth Promos provides a wide range of printed reusable grocery bags. The reusable bags are comparatively sturdier but how many times must we use need to use these bagsfor the positive effect on the environment.

There is no simple answer to that but through a study called the “life cycle assessment”, we can assess the situation.

Life cycle assessments

  • Life cycle assessments consider a variety of factors that include raw materials, transport, manufacturing cost, etc.
  • Researchers calculate the greenhouse emission gas, water consumption, energy consumption, waste disposal, and several other impacts.
  • This is further complicated. When you choose a plastic bag, you have to figure out, if it is made from virgin resin or from the recycled plastic. Printing on these plastic bags also adds to environmental pollution.

How many times can a bag be reused?

Once all this information is gathered by scientists, it can be discovered by scientists that fairly how many times a given bag can be reused as compared to the standard plastic bags offered by supermarket.

According to a Danish study conducted in 2018, here is a data of how many times a bag can be used before disposing it or reusing it a bin liner.

  • polypropylene bags that are green reusable bags should be used 37 times.
  • paper bags must be used 43 times before disposal.
  • cotton bags which are best to use should be used 7,100 times.

Another study conducted in the UK that only considered the impact of climate change found the following data:

  • paper bags can be used three times.
  • low-density polyethene bags need to be used four times.
  • non-woven polypropylene bags must be used 11 times
  • cotton bags that are best must be used 131 times.

It must be noted that according to the Danish study in 2018, the use of organic cotton is much better compared to the non-organic due to the higher cost of production.

According to a study conducted in the United States in the year, 2014 discovered that around 40% of people shopping in the supermarkets ignored to bring their own reusable bags. Thereforeneed to utilise the plastic bags. This then adds to an environmental load of shopping.

It is always necessary to remember the following things:

  1. Use reusable bags as many times as you can.
  2. Choose bags that are made from recyclable materials
  3. Avoid bags with printing and decorations on it.
  4. Do not allow any bag to become litter. Always repurpose your bags.

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