Light Your Staircase Using Chandeliers the Right Way Using These Tips

You are in possession of a beautiful home equipped with an open staircase but does something feel amiss? It is a space with many decorative possibilities. Add some oomph factor to it by installing a chandelier. Chandeliers aren’t limited to only mansions. These days, there are many styles available catering to every home style and you can easily find one that suits your needs.

Attractive lighting does wonders to a staircase. Apart from imparting a sophisticated look, it radiates warmth to the living room. Chandeliers are the way to go if you want to give your home a fresh look. Chandeliers installed in the staircase space are both melodramatic and functional.

Tips for choosing a chandelier for staircase:

  • Plan ahead: If you are in the process of installing a new staircase, it is recommended to plan lighting early ahead. There are some styles of lighting that shouldn’t be installed after plastering. Decide on the fixture positioning and style beforehand.
  • Determine why you are opting for a chandelier: Is it because you want to create a ‘wow’ factor? Should it be the focal point in the room? Is it more for decorative reasons or illumination?
  • Measurements: Your staircase size and room size dictates the size of an ideal chandelier. Add the room’s length and width in feet. Convert the answer to inches which is the estimated diameter of the chandelier.

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Learn the basics of chandeliers:

Before going ahead with the purchase, get to know the lingo involved with chandeliers. Know about the different types and popular styles available exclusive for staircase so that it would be easy to narrow down your choices.

Twister style chandelier: This classic style made of lead crystal octagons never go out of trend. They are available in different variations and are easy to install. Good quality crystals leave behind a spectacular effect.

Capiz shell chandeliers: It is highly decorative and perfect to be used as the focal point of the room or hung at the corner. The light emitted from the semi-translucent pearl shells and the tinkling noise accompanied with passing breeze makes it alluring.

Bubble chandeliers: There is no doubt they would be the statement piece in your home. There is a charming simplicity about them. There is rain drop ones with more realistic looking bubbles that are perfect for spiral staircases.

Art glass chandelier: Add a pop of color to your space using art glass chandeliers. These are made from utility glasses molded in distinct sizes and shapes. There are 7 variations in it each being breathtaking in its own way.

The right combination of colors brings the space alive. Eliminate glare by installing golden LED fittings below each tread. Add personality to your staircase by choosing the right lighting fixture from a reliable manufacturer.

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