3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

When you buy an engagement ring, you want to find one that your partner will love. This can be difficult with an engagement ring, especially if you want to surprise your loved one. In all likelihood, your partner has already expressed the type of ring she would want. You just have to know where to look. Here are some tips for finding the perfect style of engagement rings near me in Atlanta.

Examine Pinterest

While your partner might not have told you directly the type of ring she wants, she might have left clues. Pinterest is a great way to find out what style someone likes. If your girlfriend uses Pinterest, she’ll likely have several boards, saving images she likes. This is a great place to look because the images will have been picked by her. If you’re looking for ring designs she likes, you might want to look for a board titled jewelry, clothing, style, or celebrity rings. It might not have an obvious title so you should consider what type of board would include jewelry.

Consider Her Personality

If you’re unsure of what type of ring your girlfriend might like, consider her personality. This is a major clue when determining her style. If she is feminine and graceful, she might prefer something that’s delicate and elegant. These rings might have some intricate details in them. If her personality is more vintage, she might desire a throwback ring from a different era. Consider something that has a sense of nostalgia. If her style is more modern, consider a unique and non-traditional ring. If you’re not sure which ring would best fit her personality, describe what she’s like to a jeweler. They’ll know what to recommend.

Look at Her Current Jewelry

While the previous tips will provide clues, nothing will be more evident than her current jewelry collection. Especially if she bought the jewelry herself, it’s guaranteed that she likes that style. If you’re unsure of what style of ring to buy her, looking through her current jewelry, especially pieces she likes to wear, will tell you what she’ll like.

Buying an engagement ring can be difficult because you likely want to find one she loves without her knowing. This will allow your proposal to be a surprise. These tips will help you discover the style that she would prefer when you’re looking for engagement rings near me in Atlanta.

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