3 Tips for Selling Your Rolex Watch

Are you thinking of selling one of the Rolexes in your collection? If it’s your first time doing so, the whole process can be intimidating. You have to be careful when making a sale to make sure that you’re getting what your device is really worth. Read on to learn a few tips you can follow.

Bring the Original Box and Papers

Make sure that you’ve kept the original box and papers of your timepiece. Although there are other ways that a buyer can tell if your Rolex is the real deal, these items will definitely vouch for its authenticity. They’ll have an easier time matching all the details on the certificate with the ones present on the device.

Selling the watch with its original box and certificate may actually significantly drive up its price. Including all the other items that it came with, such as manuals, warranties, and spare links for its band, will help increase its value as well.Havinga complete set is always better, especially if you’re presenting it to a meticulous collector.

Present Your Receipts

Do you have the receipt for the original transaction for your Rolex? If you do, make sure to present these to the dealer as well. This gives them a good idea of how much your watch was really worth, and they can perform a more accurate appraisal.

This may also discourage them from giving you a low offer. With a well-maintained device, they should bid around the original price or even higher. Generally, the older and rarer the model is, the more expensive it should be.

Bring any receipts for maintenance or repairs that you’ve had done on the watch as well. These will prove that you’ve been properly caring for the device, assuring the buyer that it’s truly in good condition.

Shop Around for the Best Price

Don’t just settle for the first person that makes an offer for your watch, even if they’re giving you a seemingly hefty sum. Be sure that you visit several Rolex watch dealers and get a quote from each of them. This will ensure that you have many potential buyers for your device. If the one you’re currently dealing with suddenly backs out, you may move on to the next establishment.

This also makes sure that you’re selling your device for the best price possible. You may compare each offer and choose the buyer who makes the highest bid for your watch. You can even use this information to drive up its value when haggling.

These are just a few tips you may follow. Keep them in mind when you visit Rolex dealers in Atlanta, so that you can get the best value for your device.

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