For Safe Driving Choose Always Low-Risk Driving

Even if you have learnt the skills of driving well and also have got your driving license, yet you don’t need to indulge in aggressive driving on the road. For safe driving, it is always better to adopt the style of low-risk driving.

Every aspirant for a driving license must join a safe driving course conducted by LTRENT in Australia to learn safe driving techniques and also obtain 20 bonus logbook hours after completing the course. Bring your friends and other family members too to join this if they too can meet the course requirement.

There are several things that you must learn before you are able to develop the technique of safe driving. As an example, you must know various road rules of the country and also have a very good driving technique. This will then help you to reduce your risks of getting involved in a certain serious motor vehicle accident.

As such, driving any vehicle is never without any risks. However, if you try to drive with low risk then you must have the following few attributes:

  • Observation

Proper scanning of the road is the basic key to your good observation. What we mean by scanning is, always to keep your eyes moving, properly checking in one particular area for a few seconds and thereafter moving your eyes to another area.

While scanning look:

  • On the road surface
  • In the distance
  • Regularly at the mirrors and instruments.
  • To your left /right


  • Speed management

By driving within your speed limit will allow sufficient time to react and also totally stop within a certain distance that you can see. If you see any potential hazards, then slow down.

As an example, if any car is turning before you or pedestrians are near to the road etc. If you fail to see a minimum of 5 seconds ahead then better slow down.

  • Road positioning

You must position your vehicle such that you should maximize the distance from your hazards. For example, by moving to your left at the hillcrest for creating space from all oncoming vehicles, or trying to move away from all parked cars for avoiding pedestrians.

  • Crash avoidance space

If you are a safe low-risk driver then you will always maintain a proper crash avoidance space around your vehicle. You can easily manage the crash avoidance space by adjusting your vehicle’s speed as well as your road position.

For deciding the space for crash avoidance to the front portion of your vehicle you must take into account 2 key factors, reaction time and also response time.

  • Following other vehicles

While following any vehicle always calculate a 3-second space for crash avoidance. As your front car’s rear should not touch the front of your car if the car ahead of you ever slows down. You should also either apply the brake to complete halt within 3 seconds.

With low-risk driving technique not only can you keep you safe from any major accident on the road, but also prolong the life of your vehicle.

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